The College of Metaphysical Studies
The College of Metaphysical Studies

The College of Metaphysical Studies (TCOM) and Numbers R U have joined forces to provide you with a powerful-cutting edge navigation tool for amazing purpose discovery, stress relief, and enhancing your life by seeing the big picture of who you are. 

What is the tool?
As part of your your participation as student within TCOM, TCOM is offering you a Comprehensive Personal Development Report/Blueprint – written in the form of an owner’s manual – from birth to end of life along with a phone consultation. Your blueprint represents your full potential and is similar to looking at a consumer report providing you with the pros and cons of something you want more information on.

You will be able to review your present understanding of your strengths and limitations which will give you an additional competency-based perspective involved in the complexity of you – discovering you. Without this blueprint, there’s much more of an investment on your part with time, emotions, and money in navigating on your journey.

What is the purpose of the blueprint?

You will receive vital pointers to help you understand the way you are wired from the inside out, a progressive new way of looking at yourself. Your blueprint is like opening your control panel, turning up the lights, and seeing yourself for the first time in such a way as to understand how all of your parts are connected. And, how your personal characteristics and behavior traits will influence each other, either working well together or not; which ones are aggressive, nonaggressive, or impulsive, and the dynamics of how each operates independently but ideally from a compatibility standpoint.

Your blueprint will serve as a navigation tool to expedite the process for personal development in this lifetime by understanding your experiences from childhood through adulthood.  With this information, you are more likely to improve your communications skills and enhance relationships with everyone in your life and those to come. By understanding the aspects of your blueprint, you will be empowered to make positive life decisions and set goals that can improve your life leading to finding your purpose.

What information is found in the blueprint?

What are the benefits of the blueprint?
  • Learning actionable information for your entire life
  • Discovering your hidden skill set
  • Discovering challenges you will experience
  • Overcoming behavior patterns that keep you stuck
  • Receiving advance notice of events that will happen in your life
  • Accelerating your personal growth and success
  • Finding your life’s true purpose

What’s does the navigation tool/blueprint package include?
The Comprehensive Personal Development Blueprint is a 40-page PDF report that’s an all-inclusive treatise of information about you, the real you, your life and your aspirations and all of the elements involved in the complexity of you – discovering yourself. To fully understand the information presented in your report, this package includes a 60-minute recorded telephone intuitive consultation. During this session, your blueprint will be fully explained and you will learn how to read your blueprint. In 60 minutes, you will know more about yourself than you have in the past. The report is electronically delivered (emailed) and after the consultation, you will receive your recorded audio in MP3 format – also electronically delivered.

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